Monday, March 7, 2011

We Have a Date!!

We have a travel date for Ukraine!! I was on my way to work last Monday when I got the call from Mrs. Kathy (the one who has helped us with the adoption process) saying  that our date for our referral process is March 14th!!! I am so excited and cannot wait to finally meet our kiddo(s)!!!  We had two weeks from last Monday and one week from today!! It is coming up so quickly!!

A few days after we found out,  our moms came up for a shower my Adult Bible fellowship class was giving me. How wonderful it was for them to come up and help me with little things around the house that I had wanted to get done before the kiddo(s) arrive. Well I say "little" but really they helped me make curtains and shams for the kids rooms and curtains for the dining room (pictures to follow soon). I am sure mom and Mary Kay never want to hear the word "curtain" ever again after this weekend!!  :) They were such a tremendous help and such a blessing to me.

On Sunday, sweet and dear friends Sarah, Whitney, Christy, Diana and Mrs. Maria helped throw the soon to be Lovett kiddo(s) a gift card shower. Isn't that the greatest idea ever!!! I loved the idea because we, at this time, have no idea who our child(ren) will be.  This way we will be able to go and buy necessities for them when we get home.  It was so much fun and they did such a great job with the shower!! I am so thankful for them. :) I was so blessed by the everyone there and how much they have been an encouragement throughout our adoption process. Whitney took pictures of the shower and I cannot wait to see them! She is such a great photographer!! You should check out her site!!

Earlier on Sunday morning, I was listening to the sermon when all of teh sudden I realized that the next time I sit on the pews in that church, I will have kiddo(s) sitting with me.  Wow! What an amazing thing!!

The Lord is so good and so faithful!! I cannot wait to see what He has in store.

Until next time!!

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  1. You're so sweet! I'll get the pics to you soon. Love you...and your new babies!