Monday, March 28, 2011

Court Date Has Been Changed

We found out today that our court date has been moved up a day to Wednesday at 11:00 am here time. Yay!! I mean it is only by one day but hey it is one day closer to taking our little guy home. It is also one day closer till we can show pictures!! We asked today if we could post pictures yet and we were told it is better to wait until after the court appearence. So in two days I can show you how super cute our little guy is!! I can't wait!

Tonight we were craving pizza so I decided to try and make it.  I didn't have any self-rising flour, baking soda/powder or yeast --just plain old flour. I made the dough (from a recipe online but omitted the yeast or baking powder/soda), put some kind of pasta sauce on top and tore up some cheese we bought at the store (the grater did not work and you can't buy shredded cheese here). Let me just say it definitely would not have made it on the cooking channel. It looked like a pizza on the outside but tasted like wheat spaghetti with cheese. Hum...not sure if it was supposed to taste like that. It worked though and we had some Coke to wash it down so everything was all good. :)

Ingredients left to right: salt, some kind of flour (I think it's wheat), milk, sunflower oil (sunflowers are a major crop here) and bagged pasta sauce.

We are so thankful for internet where we are, but sometimes it is extremely slow. What would take me five minutes to check back home now takes me about twenty to thirty minutes. There is one room in the whole house that gets signal (the living room) and you have to sit on the edge of the couch to get it. If you want it to go turtle fast instead of snail fast you have to lift  the laptop up in the air (I am not kidding about this!). I have captured some action shots of Ken demonstrating this so you could see for yourself. :)

Quote from Ken: "Do you remember 56K modems 15 years ago? This was just going 5 or 6 K!"

Our little guy is doing really well. Nothing new has been going on. We are in a routine and he loves when we come to visit. There are times when he gets a little frustrated with things especially when we can't understand what he is saying to us. He will say it over and over. I am sure he is wondering what planet we are from! We learned the word for potty the other day. We put that knowledge to good use today! We were playing outside and he dropped what he was doing and starting saying the word over and over. So we ran him inside and everything was good! We had a feeling of accomplishment (I am sure he felt that way as well) when we understood what he needed to do and could help him do it. Yay! I guess it was some sort of break through. I mean we can understand what he wants to do or would like for us to do most of the time because he motions to us or we can pick out the words. We have already learned a few Russian phrases that he says pretty reguarly. One is "I won't give it to you" and the other is "not like that papa/momma". He uses those two phrases pretty often. Whenever we give him a toy or whatever to play with, he will say "I won't give it to you!" If it will fit in his pocket he will stuff it in there and hide it for later. He also does that with any candy we give him. When we are coloring with him he will say "not like that, papa" and then he'll draw what he wanted papa to draw. Too cute. :) I love when he gets really focused on something like coloring or playing with Legos. He will just break into some Russian song. It is the most precious high pitched thing you have ever heard. They have music classes for the kids here and I am pretty sure he is putting that knowledge into good use. : ) We are having so much fun with him and I can't wait to finally show you some face shots on Wednesday.

Please pray that everything would go smoothly at the court appearance on Wednesday.  Oh! We also got our Interpol Background clearence letter today! Yay! Thank you so much for praying!!


  1. So excited for you guys!!! Can't wait to pass the word around that it's been moved up a day. Everyone is praying! Love you all so much!


  2. This is great! It helps so much to hear all of these details as we try to imagine your sweet little guy! I can't wait to hear him sing!!! Precious! Thanks for the update....we always look forward to every word. You are a very good blog writer and quite entertaining. Thanks also for the pictures! Glad you are having fun!!! Love to all of you! Momma :-)

  3. Sarah thanks for the update on the court date moving up a day! So exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of your little man! Praying for court Wed! I'm sure things will go fine!


  4. That's awesome! I'm excited that the court date has been moved up! I'm praying for you three.

  5. I was thinking about your precious little guy when I read Psalm 68 today:

    "A father to the fatherless and a judge for the widows,
    Is God in His holy habitation.
    God makes a home for the lonely." (vs. 5-6)

    : )


  6. I've loved staying up to date on the process through your blog! Excited that the court date is so soon! Anxious to see pictures of your precious family = )

  7. Just came across your blog. Best wishes as push through the Ukrainian adoption process. We'll be praying for you.