Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Judge

We had a surprise meeting with the head judge of our city yesterday. We had no idea we were going to be meeting with him so we did not really dress up, we were in the usual sweaters and jeans with comfy shoes. Oh well. It was not a super formal meeting so it ended up being ok. He just wanted to meet us and ask us a few questions to see who we were. He started off asking what state we are from and then let us know he had just been to Florida to visit his daughter who lives there. He asked us what religion we were and if we went to church every Sunday. We replied that we are Christian and that yes we went to church every Sunday. We were not sure where he was going with that but we later found out that he was making sure we were not part of an extreme religious cult that does not have their own children but only adopts kids (Oh boy). Ken spotted an orthodox relic on a shelf in his office so we assume he is somewhat religious. He was also wondering why we were so young and wanted to adopt now and not wait and have our own kids. Seems like everyone here asks that question. So we just let him know we have been married three and a half years, I work with kids and love it and that we both love kids and would like to adopt. Easy enough. So pretty much that summed up the meeting. Short and sweet. Because of that meeting, we were able to get our court appointment which is next Thursday March 31st!! So after our court date, we will have a ten day waiting period and then we can take our little guy out of the orphanage. The Lord is good!

Yesterday we went to a new “cafeteria” or restaurant and tried Borsh soup for the first time (shout out to Beth back home!). It is a Ukrainian traditional red beet soup served with sour cream. Ours also had some meat in it which made it taste really good. We both really liked it. I mean I don't know if I would cook it everyday but it was really good. Thanks Beth for the recommendation. ; )

Yesterday we were only able to visit our little guy only once because we had a lot of paperwork to do and the visit with the judge. I was so sad that we couldn't visit him in the afternoon. We wanted to call the orphanage and let him know we couldn't come in the afternoon but would be back tomorrow (Wednesday) but we knew that was impossible.

Today (Wednesday) we had a lot of fun playing outside and visiting with the chickens. We have started getting in a routine that when we go outside we kick the ball around then head to visit the chickens. He is really good at kicking the ball around! He loves the “modchick” or ball. He also loves to pick up litter. Yes! He is my little cleaner man, let me tell you!! So when he picks up litter on the ground he likes to investigate it. I mean he likes to use ALL of the senses to do this. Yes, even to taste it. So...whenever he goes for litter we know he is about to lick it so we try to get it before he can grab it. Ok that might sound a little mean but the orphanage dogs have been chewing on most of the stuff he wants to pick up. So we have to be quick and distract him with other things. We love going outside but it can be tricky not getting his clothes dirty when EVERYTHING is covered in mud. I mean he is a four-year-old boy and all little boys love mud. So we have to chase him a lot to keep him out of it (“Nyet” the Russian word for No doesn't compute sometimes). Well today he decided to face plant in some mud...great. But we got him cleaned up enough and nobody said anything...yay!

Every time we go to the orphanage we bring the kiddos in our little guy's group some cookies or candy. It always breaks my heart how much they love those treats and the hugs we give them. Whenever we come around they reach their little hands up and say “candies?” or “cookies?” because they want some type of sweet. I wish we could bring them all home with us but I know this trip we cannot. It breaks my heart. I have come to love all of the kiddos in our little guy's group. They are so sweet and special and have one commonality, no mommy or daddy. They did not choose to end up where they are, someone else choose for them. Now they are left to grow up with concrete walls and floors, no privacy, no love, no special treats. All they have to hold onto is that one day maybe their mommy or daddy will come and get them or that hopefully someone will choose them to be a part of a new family. They wait patiently for someone to show them love that only a mommy or daddy can give. Whenever we enter the orphanage the kids look at us with anticipation as if we are the ones to take them home. I wish we could, but this trip we can only legally bring home our little guy. I am praying that they will have a mommy and daddy come rescue them soon.

Here are some pictures from playing outside today:

He loves the rooster

He LOVES to slide!!

He loves to pick up litter :)


  1. This is such a sweet update!!! So precious...but sad to think of all the sweet children you will leave there. Thankful to God that He has chosen this sweet little guy for you. I CAN'T WAIT to meet him. Thank you so much for this post. We'll continue to pray for this process to move along quickly!!! Love you so much! Momma :-)

  2. What an encouraging post, Sarah! I'm so happy things are moving along for y'all and the pictures are great. Keep the updates coming! Miss y'all!

  3. These posts always bring tears to my eyes! Happy tears of course! I absolutely love the pictures. Thanks so much for taking the time to fill us in on these wonderful details. We eat up every word! Over and over! : )

  4. LOL Meant to sign that last post "Karen" but I'm sure it brings tears to Greg's eyes too. : ) I just don't have a Google or other account to log in from.


  5. The cleaner man is awesome! Nathan is right here and he gives a big Howdy to the little man. Love keeping up with y'all!

  6. You have only been in the Ukraine for 11 days, but it seems like months because sooo many exciting things happen every day!!! And maybe I am being a little impatient about y'all coming home! Can't wait to see my sweet grandson! Thank you soooo much for the reports each day!! Love them!!! And I LOVE all the photos...SO PRECIOUS!

  7. Has yOur LittleGguy started calling you and Ken anything?

  8. Sweetest pics. I'm pretty sure with each new update I cry harder (tears of joy, of course). Love you 3!!!