Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Little Guy (Day 1 and 2)

We have had so much fun getting to know our little guy over the past two days! On Thursday morning we got up at 5:30am to travel to the orphanage which is about two hours away.  When we got there we first had to get some paperwork filled out from the inspector saying that we could go to the orphanage. After that, off we went to visit our little guy!!

When we got to the orphanage (around 9:30ish) we had a meeting with the director, doctor, psychologist and our inspector. They let us know everything about him and how he has been during his time at the orphanage. All of the ladies kept saying "oh you are so young" (well I think everyone that we have talked to that has any kind of official role has said that) and we just say "yes and thank you" and move on. After they told us all about him, they brought him to us. I had tears in my eyes when he walked in!! He was the cutest thing you have ever seen!! He had on a worn light blue collared shirt with a little black vest, little grey pants that were way too big held up with a belt that wrapped around his little body and little brown shoes. He walked over to me and smiled his precious smile and held my hands. He is a reserved at first but then very outgoing. Ken had gone out of the room to get some toys for us to play with him. We did not know he was going to be brought to us during our meeting with all of the ladies in the room so we had not brought anything with us. When Ken came back in, OLG was not sure of this new "papa" at first but quickly warmed up to him. Yay! He looked at the little animal book that was in Ukrainian for a long time and then played and played with a green monkey squishy ball  that we got at Target. All of this was going on while everyone was observing how he reacted to us so they could write up a report. Can we say awkward?! We were trying to interact with him with four different people watching us. It was fine though and everyone was so sweet. After we 'passed' their observation, we were able to bring him to a little side room and play with him more. Oh boy and did we play! He was like a little boy being set free. He ran and ran around the room while Ken chased him (we later learned we were supposed to be more reserved because people were trying to work...whoops). The kids are not really allowed to be loud, run round or anything like that so this was a first for him in a long time. He loved our watches. He was facinated with how to put them on and take them off. when he got them off, he would put them on the floor and move them around like cars. He is creative! We were able to play with him for two hours and then had to leave so he could eat lunch.

While he was at lunch we went and got a lot of paperwork notorized, ate some lunch and went to buy some toys for him. We bought him some little plastic cars and some cheap legos because he loved taking things off and putting them back together (our watches) and moving them around on the floor like cars. He loved both of those toys! He played and played with them like a kid at Christmas time. It was so cute. We were able to play with him for a few hours and then had to head out so he could eat dinner.

The next day (Friday) we got to the orphanage around ten and played until he ate lunch at twelve. When we got there, his group was walking around outside. When he saw us he said "mama and papa" he then asked his group leader if he could come to us and he ran to us! I love it! We could not really do anything outside because of all the mud left over from the newly melted snow. We were not supposed to get him dirty so we walked around and then went inside to play.

Later that afternoon, we brought him yogurt, cookies and a coloring book and crayons. He loved the yogurt. He has never had anything like that and he ate it up like he was never going to eat it again. It was sad and sweet at the same time. We then gave him a box of crayons and a coloring book. He took all of the crayone out of the box, organized them by color and put them back in the box. I was amazed! Haha he already has a love for organization...just like me!! He loved to color and put stickers in the book. He was so cute. After a while we gave him a zsu-zsu pet which is a hamster on wheels that makes noises. He LOVED it!! That is his favorite toy so far! He loves to watch it go around the room and for it to go through his little legs. He would also hold it, kiss it and lay on the floor and pretend to go to sleep and snore. Too cute!

I cannot wait to show you pictures of our little guy. We cannot show face shots until we have gone to court and he is ours but i will try to post other pictures of his hands, from the back, or whatever.

Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement!! They mean so much!! :)


  1. Sarah and Ken! I have been thinking about u both for weeks! I have and will continue to pray for u! What sweet and precious memories u have that sweet little boy already! I am just so so very excited! U r being such a good updater Sarah! Good work! Love u both! And absolutely loved this precious blog post!

  2. Mama and papa...woohoo! Can't wait to meet Z's new playmate. This latest entry brought me to tears...more like sobbing uncontrollably. So happy for you both!

  3. I'm so excited for you both! I can't wait to meet your precious boy. I'm so happy everything is moving along and you're able to visit with him! Love you!

  4. Oh Sweetie.....this is the most precious thing to read! I've read it so many times I think I could quote it!!! I just want to hug him and absorb every detail of his little life!!! Can't wait to see his sweet face!!! Thanks for all of the details.....we long for everything you can tell us! Love you....Momma :-)
    PS....TWO WEEKS from today....I'm headed over there!!!

  5. That is so sweet, Sarah! I am so grateful that he warmed up smoothly and even did some pretend play! That is such a great sign. We are continuing to pray for you all.

  6. OH MY...I am so excited for you both!! Yay for little boy Lovett! :) I can't wait to meet him!

  7. Keeping up with each post and just so excited for you and your little boy! How precious! God has wonderful plans, and praise Him for adoption! :-D Praying for you all!

  8. I LOVE this posting!!! The only thing better will be to see him myself and get one of those sweet hugs and to play with him... can't wait!!
    Love y'all!

  9. How sweet! God is good all the time....
    Love you and praying!
    Mz Jan

  10. Ken and Sara - hey guys! Wooohoo!
    I see things are going well. Awesome!
    Karen and Greg have been asking us to pray for you guys in Sunday School (DWBC). They have been faithful to have us pray for you guys throughout this process. It has been a blessing to all of us here to see how God is working everything out for you guys. It is encouraging to see His work in your lives.
    We lovett!