Friday, March 18, 2011

Life in Ukraine

Finally we have internet and I can post and update a few things on the blog which includes pictures. Yay!! The first half of the pictures are from our apartment when we were in Kiev for four days. The other half are from when we went sight-seeing around Kiev on Wednesday. 

In Ukraine, when you walk into someone's house, you take off your shoes and put on a pair of slippers. This is the entry to our apartment in Kiev. 

Here is a view of our apartment from the front door. 

This is a picture of the kitchen .

Another view of the kitchen.

**Ok everyone, turn your head to the right or your computer to the left! I could rotate the rest of the pictures but could not, for some reason, rotate these next few. Sorry for this inconvenience. ** 

The bathroom. Check out our cool washer the size of a toilet! Did you also check out the towel warmer above the toilet? I bet you want one.  

Our shower. You know you wanted to see how cool it was. ;) 

An awesome sideways view of our kitchen 

Our dining room with a super cute skinny fridge. 

**Ok resume your previous position. Thank you for your patience. :) **

Kiev in the background. 

Ken was there too...

Ken being brave on the ice. Notice how I wimped out and stayed behind...

When we were walking to the river a bird pooed on Ken's head. So this is Ken using the resources available to wash his hair. 

The metro system in Kiev. 

Standing in front of the office where we went to get our referral in Kiev. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

St. Andrew's church, which was next to where we got our referral. 

This is a statue of Bogdan who was the main officer in the Russian army in 1888.

Up close and personal. 

The beautiful bell tower and entrance to St. Sophia (Orthodox) Church. 

Bells in the tower of St. Sophia. People tie things to these bells for good luck, blessings or prosperity. 

Bells in the tower of St. Sophia

Close up of the bells. 

St. Sophia from up in the bell tower. 

The tops of the churches here are beautiful. 

A picture from St. Sophia's bell tower with Bogdan and St. Michael's church in the background. 

St. Michael's bell tower. 

St. Michael's Church. 

A place behind St. Michael's where people get holy water
The Statue of Independence in downtown Kiev. It symbolizes independence from Russia in 1991. It is the equivalent to our Statue of Liberty. 

A super cute playground behind St. Michael's Church. 

A pizza place we ate at when we were sightseeing. It was next to the place we got our referral and to St. Andrew's Church. We LOVE Ukrainian food but this place had an English menu and we did not have our translator with us. 

Our yummy pizza 

So, let me tell you about this broken mirror. We were sitting across the room watching a movie when out of the blue this mirror decided to jump off the wall and crash to the ground. Great! That is all we need. We didn't know how to tell the landlord that we didn't touch it and it just fell on its own, so we called our translator to intermediate for us. Hopefully we won't have to pay for a mirror that decided to fall by itself without our help!! :) 

Hope you enjoyed all of the pictures!! I will post more later. 


  1. Absolutely love the pics! Thanks so much for sharing this part of your life with us. It's like watching our awesome God at work! Love you guys...all 3 of you. :)

  2. Thank you sweetie for all the wonderful pictures! I'm amazed at how nice your apartment in Kiev was. I hope the place you are now is just as nice (especially since that's where I will be staying!) Kiev is beautiful....thanks for sharing with us!