Monday, May 7, 2012

Preschool Derby Party

I have lived a lot of fun places in my life but I think the past two places I have lived have been some of the best! We moved from Mobile which is rich in culture, history and traditions and is known for being the birthplace of Mardi Gras. If you are like me, I just assumed Mardi Gras started in New Orleans. Well I learned you shouldn't just assume things but look them up! Little did we know that we would be moving to another great city full of culture, history, and traditions as well! Derby is the big thing up here. Everyone centers their lives around this one time of the year where fun and traditions come alive. The school that Luke attends had a little Derby parade to celebrate the occasion. It was so much fun to be at and to start this fun time of year. Enjoy some pictures from the parade!

Mrs. Alice reading to the kiddos before the big event!

The Derby parade!

The Shining Star's float

I am loving this hat. I think he grabbed it on the way out to the parade. ;) 

Getting ready for the Shining Star's race to begin!

And they are off!! Who is going to win?

Let me tell you about this sweet horse. Luke was supposed to decorate it himself but I have a little confession I need to make. So the night before at like 10 P.M. I realized that Luke needed to decorate his horse for the parade the next morning. I kinda went into panic mode and threw all the parenting rules out the window and started working on his project for him. I turned into that mom. You know, the ones who do all of their kids homework and who forget about the projects until it is almost too late. Well,  I turned into one for the night. I did have Luke glue on the jewels the next morning really quick so he could have some part of his project. Something is better than nothing right?

 The Shining Stars class

Hanging out at the afterparty. 

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