Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jamaica Mon

As a graduation present and anniversary present we decided we needed to combine the two celebrations and do something big. At the time we were thinking Ken would be away for the summer at chaplain training for the National Guard and that was also a good excuse to go on a nice getaway. The more excuses you have, the bigger you have to cash in right? Anyway, we decided to head to beautiful Jamaica! We had so much fun and were so thankful we could go on this trip. It was hands down the most relaxing thing we have ever done in our lives! I had so much fun that I wanted y'all to see a lot of our pictures. So get ready and hold on to your hat cause you are about to witness more pictures than you probably want to see. 

We drove to Orlando to stay with family and flew out a few days later. While we were there, they threw me a sweet birthday party with this amazing cheese cake!! They are so sweet!!

We are on our way!

The peninsula that our resort is on

First night in Jamaica

Steel drum band

At the chinese restaurant on our first night here.

Who is that strange man standing at my door?

On the way to Dunns River Falls. This is where the river meets the ocean. 

Italian night

Found this little guy just hanging out in the sand. He was so cute I just had to get a picture of him. 

We loved going out on the kayak. I do have to admit that the fist day or so I heard the Jaws theme music in my head the whole time we were out there. 

Hanging out with Bob Marley at one of the restaurants. 

Another Italian night

One of the waiters wanted to take a picture of us and he took so many that my mouth started hurting. It was after that he told us he was an aspiring photographer. So cute. 

Um...can I live here??

Our last night there. 

Yes. I know. This is so cheesy. But I had to do it!

We...I mean someone else...found a starfish and we had to take a picture with it!!

About to leave. 

On the way to the airport. 

Had some Jamaican Jerk pizza in the airport at Dominos before we flew out. 

On our drive back from Orlando, we took a detour and hit up Gatlinburg for some amazing corn dogs at Fannie Farkles. Don't judge. We love a good corn dog!

We loved our trip to Jamaica and hope to go back soon!!

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