Saturday, May 19, 2012

MDiv Graduation Weekend

Wow. I cannot believe this day had finally come! We moved up here to go to seminary in the fall of 2008 and had no clue really about the area and what we would do for jobs. Thankfully the Lord provided jobs and a great place to live next to friends we knew from our hometown. Shout out to Kevin and Laura Webb! Our first Fall in Louisville they had what they called a 'windstorm' which knocked out power for about 300,000 people for a few weeks. The windstorm was a result of high winds left over from a hurricane from down in the Gulf. As crazy as it was, I found it kind of amusing that we left Mobile, AL, where hurricanes occur pretty regularly, to up here where hurricanes are never heard of. It was almost like it followed us up here. Then, in January, we had what they called a 'ice storm' that knocked out power for a few weeks again to about 300,000 people as well. Both times the locals told us something like that never happens up here and thankfully both times we were not part of the 300,000. Ken was out of school for a week or so both times so we had a crazy start to our new beginning.

We have grown so much here during our time here at the seminary. The Lord has shown us so much about himself and all the ways that he provides for his children. I am also so thankful for all of our friends that the Lord has placed in our path. They are so dear to us and have been such an encouragement to us during our time here.

We also love the local scene and all of the amazing restaurants. We love the atmosphere of the town and all of the fun things to do here. This place has amazing parks, great attractions and great shopping! The shopping is great because if you can't find something at one store, you just go to the other location. This comes from a chick who grew up in a small town in Alabama. So to me, this is wonderful! I have grown to love this place more than any other place I have lived.

I am so thankful we are going to stay on for Ken to complete his Ph.D. So stay tuned for graduation part II, Ph.D. style. :)

Enjoy all of our pictures from the graduation weekend! All of our family was able to come to help us celebrate and we were so thankful for that! My sister-in-law's brother also graduated on this weekend so her family was able to come up as well. We had such a fun time with everyone here!

At the President's house the day before graduation. Pardon my dress. I think I was still excited about Jamaica.

Matthew, Emily and Aaron (Emily's brother).

Sweet cousins!

We went to the Waterfront park to play before we ate supper. Everyone had so much fun!

Luke's cousin Greyson. This kid is always cracking me up! He is hilarious. 

Luke as Superman!

 Aunt Mary having the time of her life. ;) 

Round up the kids, Ken.

Sunset on the river at the restaurant!

I love this town!

Before graduation.

It was so hot this day that the programs had more than one use!

Kens family...minus Adeline. Not sure where she was for this picture.

Reach for it...

Congrats babe!  I am so proud of you!!

Thankful for the tent the seminary provided to escape the heat. 

Whoo hoo!

Luke is so proud of his Daddy!

I think he is making fun of us!?

My family

Ken's family. So sad we did not get a picture with Ken's sister and family! I think everyone was recovering from the heat under the tent.

So excited we have at least one picture with Ken and his sister and parents! Next graduation we will include everyone!! :) 

My sweet niece Adeline.

Emily and her mom. 


Threw my man a little graduation party after the ceremony. 

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  1. Congrats Ken!
    Can't wait to hear what is next for you guys.
    Stop by and see us some time in Mobile.