Saturday, April 17, 2010

One week until the Mini!!

So...The Derby mini marathon is in ONE week!!! Bah! Hopefully I will not have to be scraped off the road once I cross the finish line. I am pretty excited about the race though!! For starters It has been so amazing to see people come around and encourage Ken and I in the adoption process. That has been such a blessing in ways they will never know. It is also so amazing to see how the Lord provides! We have been so blessed by everyone's continuous support in prayer and giving!! On a lighter for the marathon has done wonders to my physique!! the old saying is true (No pain, no gain) and I can testify! Training for a half-marathon tough but oh boy you can eat what you want and still look good!! Well, I have learned by trial and error that you do not eat junk food the day of your long run. That equals a no fun run for sure!! Before Ken and I started training, we could barely run a mile. Now, miraculously we have trained up to ten miles. I remember when 5 miles seemed like a lot. Now it seem like a drop in the bucket!! Crazy!!

Well in the adoption realm, we have no updates. We are just waiting for our home study to pass through immigration. Please keep praying for our children in the Ukraine and that God would protect them, that they would have enough food to eat, and that someone will love on them and give them good attention.


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