Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

This Easter we traveled to see family at home down South. We had so much fun with everyone! Last year, we came home from Ukraine right at Easter time so all Luke knew of Easter was that you dress up in a new outfit. Which at that time, I guess all of his outfits were new. So really this Easter was his first 'real' Easter experience.

We took him to Ken's home church's Easter egg hunt where he got to experience good ole American parents wanting their kids to get as many plastic eggs as they can. I'm sure he thought we were all strange, but he seemed to have a really good time!

Eating before the chaos.


Who knew you could find so many eggs filled with glorious candy just lying around??


So proud of the loot.

"Whew! That was hard work!"

Hanging out with Grampa and Gramma.

Family photo. Guess you figured that one out. :)  

On Easter Sunday, we went to my parent's church and then came home to eat an amazing Easter meal. Afterwards, we went out for our annual Easter pictures to which we all replied, "Mom, really?" But I guess I am glad she makes us take pictures at every holiday function so we can remember what we wore the year before so as to not wear the same thing again the next year. Thanks mom!

Matthew and Emily looking sharp. Luke has moved forward from calling Matthew, Uncle CaMatthew and Emily, Aunt Mary.  Taking it one milestone at a time! :) 

The Fam. Mary couldn't make it this year and I can't remember why. 

Gramma and Grampa. Love them! Wish the Lipscomb crew were here as well for this shot!

Luke wanted to be Superman so Uncle Matthew made it happen!

Now this is what a real egg hunt looks like son. Someone hides the eggs and you go find them. 

Gramma found some good places for the eggs!

Checking out the loot!

Dying eggs with Gramma. He loved this!!

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