Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The First of Many

This month my sweet little man celebrated his first Birthday with us!! He is now five and growing up on me. We gave Luke his birthday gift before his party so he would have a chance to play with it. We had his party in our hometown but decided at the last second to throw a small one here so his friends could come. We are so glad we did!  Here are some pictures from all of the birthday festivities. Enjoy!
Happy Birthday Luke!

My hard working man.
This is the classic case where the kiddo plays with the box instead of the toy...

Grafton and Ethan came to Luke's last second party in Louisville. We had so much fun!

Ellyse is always looking so cute in her frills.

He LOVES these construction tools and hat!

The coolest bug EVER!

Sweet friends.

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The cake that helped me decide I will be buying one from now on.


He was so proud that everyone was singing to him for his birthday. So precious.

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