Monday, January 9, 2012

We are Thankful

And...I'm back. We have had a crazy and fun past few months and I cannot wait to share them with you in the next few blogs (hopefully I will start cranking them out soon)! I have tried to keep up with my blogging, I mean I have thought about it, but things can get busy and the blog tends to sit on the back burner...whoops. But it's OK, we just started a new year so it's like I am getting to start over again...right? :)

Just wanted to write a quick not to say how thankful I am to the Lord for allowing Luke to be our son and how much he means to Ken and I.  It is so hard for me to believe that this time last year we had no idea Luke would be our son. I seriously feel like he has been with us forever. How crazy is that!? Has has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives. He has taught us so many things about ourselves in eight months that would have taken a long time to learn on our own. I mean, let's be is not always fun and dandy on some days. But who's life isn't sprinkled with craziness here and there? We are so thankful for him in so many ways. 

The whole adoption process felt like it took FOREVER while we were going through it. But now I feel like it was such a short time now that he is home. I mean I know we were doing paper work and waiting for almost a year and a half but it is so hard to imagine that now!! He has been doing so well with picking up on English and social cues. It is so cute how Ken and I will get so excited for him when he picks up one of those things. Last night my brother (who happens to be in town right now with my sweet sis-in-law!!) said after watching a show, "Well, that was fun" and proceeded to get up. Luke recognized that he meant he was going to leave or go somewhere so Luke told my brother, "bye!" I mean  that might not sound like anything, but it showed us he knew the meaning of that sentence and that something is over and it's time to go do something else. So that was a "Woo hoo" moment last night. :) 

We are so blessed and overjoyed at what the Lord has done for our family this past year. We are so thankful!!  I cannot believe our sweet little man will be 5 in nine days!! He is getting so big!! 

Taken at Grandma's house on his first Christmas day with us. Too cute!!

I will try and post more about our Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years soon!!


  1. Sarah and Ken, It was so nice to meet you all this past weekend in Nashville. You all were so sweet and Luke was amazing. I will always remember him and how happy and excited he was. He is such a cool kid! It made my day! Kids like that are such a blessing. Reading the blog is so inspiring and just incredible. I believe that Luke has the best parents any little boy could ask for. You all have so much love for him it's so wonderful! I cannot wait to check back and see what you all have shared. I would love to see you all at Rainforest Cafe next time you all visit Tennessee! Congratulations, good luck and prayers for the Lovett family!

  2. hi sarah!!!! greetings from china!!! wow! girl - you're life has changed a lot, huh?! i'm glad i found your blog. you're son is precious. god has truly blessed your family!