Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Family and Easter

Holidays are special especially when spent with the fam. "Aw cute" you might say, but it is really true! I seriously remember what happened on what holiday when we are home with the family. I'm not saying Ken and Luke are not my family cause they are. But things are always so fun around both of our families. I LOVE how both of our families get together when we are home. My parents will have Ken's parents over and Ken's parents will have my parents over. Y'all it is the best thing and such a blessing how much they love each other outside of Ken and I. My momma and momma-in-law  are the sweetest and most godliest women ever!! I love them dearly. The same goes with my daddy and father-in law. The Lord is so good and I am so thankful!! I wish we lived closer to everyone so we could see them more often but we are so thankful for such a great place to live in our home away from home. :) Anyways, now that I have been all sappy sweet, here are some pictures from Luke's first few days and Easter. Enjoy! :)

My awesome father-in-law showing Luke some things on the computer (I can't remember what though).

So sweet! 

Must have been good cause we all had to see. My mom even had to bring the camera. :) 

My sweet mother-in-law turned into a construction worker over the weekend. I love her!!

Luke with Grandma and Grandpa. Frame worthy!!

Ken is such a great daddy!

Luke and sweet Aunt Emily :) 

Uncle Matthew is so silly!!

My AMAZING sister hand crochet all of these animals for Luke!! I was impressed!! :) He loves them!! 

My mom (aka the world traveler) is relaxing her broken toe...I think.  Just thought you should know that she walked FOUR miles a day on that broken toe in Ukraine. Not sure if that inspires you or grosses you out. I was inspired for sure!! The love a grandmother has!! 

Luke's first burger place! Except for McDonald's and everyone knows what happened after that (if you have been reading)! I will not get into it to spare you ;) 

Luke LOVES uncle Matthew's old phone!

Sweet Aunt Mary!! :) 

This Easter we went to the seminary to take some pictures. I think they are frame worthy for sure! My mom, the picture taker queen, took some pretty good ones!! Thanks mom!!

Our first family picture out of the orphanage...get excited!!

The whole family on my side. 

So sweet!! I love them!!

Matthew and Emily's first Easter as a married couple!!! Yay!! 

Matthew (my brother), Emily (SIL) and Mary (my sister) all came up for two short days. They drove hours and hours to get here!! We are so thankful that they came and were able to meet Luke! We love them so much (not just because they came up here)!! :) 

I love my daddy!!

The girls. 

Two proud grandparents. 

Such a sweet picture!!! I love them!! 

My two favorite men. 

Luke's first encounter with a four-wheeler on campus. Don't tell the security!

Our Easter lunch. I think this Easter was a first in many ways and definitely my first time eating out for a major holiday. :) It was so good though!

I think Luke has food shooting out of his mouth in this picture. 

I cannot wait for all of the holidays I get to spend with my sweet Luke!! I love being a mommy!! :)


  1. Thanks Sweetie for another great blog! It was such a fun time to be there for Easter. Also, the pics of Jerry and Luke are where he was showing Luke the video of our arrival at the airport. Luke wanted to see it over and over....so much fun to watch him when he saw himself on the computer! Love you bunches!

  2. We adopted 6 children from pryluky. 2 from the baby house and 4 from next door at the preschool. My friend Dima who helps at the orphanage told me about your blog.