Wednesday, April 6, 2011

He is all Boy!

This week seems like it has flown by fast. My mom was able to meet sweet Luke for the first time on Monday. We told him last week with the help of our translator, that papa was leaving and would meet us in the states and my mom, or babushka, would be coming to visit. I am not really sure he understood that for sure until papa did not show up on Monday afternoon. He recognized that my mom was babushka but was not sure where to go from there. He was crazy the whole afternoon. He reminded me of Roadrunner on Looney Toons because he wanted to run everywhere. It was completely understandable because of all the changes that had just happened. Over the next day or so he really warmed up to her. That is so exciting because we were not sure how he would react to someone new. Mom and I have had a lot of fun together playing with Luke. I am so excited she is here!

Mom eating Borsh (a traditional Ukrainian soup) for the first time. She LOVED it!

We have been able to play outside a whole lot since Monday. I think we have not played inside one time since my mom has been here. It has been wonderful to play outside and not worry about the mud anymore! He is all boy for sure!! He loves dirt, digging, guns, cars, and all the other stuff boys love. Tuesday we were in a play shelter area outside and it had a basket full of toys. He was digging all through that basket and found all sorts of shovels and cars and had so much fun! One of the times that he was digging through the basket he found a gun and ran all around the yard shooting things saying "pew, pew" instead of "bang, bang." I love all of the different words they use for sounds here. He also found a dinosaur in that basket after he found the gun. You want to know what happened to the dinosaur? Well, he took the dinosaur, sat it on the ground, pointed his gun at the dinosaur, said "pew, pew" and knocked it over with the gun. I knew from then on he was all boy!

Looking through the basket of toys.

Today Ken called me while we were at the orphanage playing outside. As I was talking to him I thought it would be so much fun for Luke to talk to daddy. When I handed the phone to Luke, his little eyes lit up and his face turned into one big smile. He was so excited to talk to his daddy! Luke stood still for a little while talking to Ken and after a few minutes, he was walking around the playground talking to him in Russian while Ken talked to him in English. It was the most precious thing you have ever seen!

We spent most of the day today playing in the sand/dirtbox. My sister had given him a few matchbox cars and he loved driving them all around the playground especially through the dirt! Thank you aunt Mary!

He loves to swing! He sat there for a long time while I pushed him.

Juice break

We first met Luke three weeks ago today. He has been such a precious blessing in our life and we cannot wait to bring him home in a few short weeks!! 


  1. Sarah, those pictures of Luke talking to Ken on the phone are precious! I'm so ready for y'all to bring him home. And your mom looks like she is having a great time! Can't wait for your family to be reunited again! Love y'all!!!

  2. Love the pics! Thanks for all the great updates. so excited for you all!

  3. Thanks for these postings, Sarah!! I look forward to hearing all the details... and these pictures are so sweet!!