Sunday, April 17, 2011

Free at Last!

I finally have internet!! Whoop Whoop! Luke was feeling much better today so I am at McDonalds using some internet. My good friend Susan (who is also over here adopting) taught me how to "booth stalk." She has mastered booth stalking but I have just started learning. I know you are dying to know what it is!  Well here at Mcdonald's, people come here by the busloads feels like. Seriously, it feels like I am in a sardines can.  Well with the limited number of booths and seats you have to hover over someone who is about to leave and sit down right as they get up in order to have a seat. It is pretty funny! It almost feels like musical chairs.

Ken did a such great job on filling you in with all that is going on!! He is so good at blogging!! So I think I will just post pictures and some captions from all that we have been doing since I posted last.  Luke has been doing a lot better today. He has not had a fever so far at all today! He does have a rash all over him and it is really itchy. Bless his little heart. :( So just pray for our little man as he is getting over being sick. I feel so bad for him, he hasn't been feeling good pretty much since he got out of the orphanage. I think he is getting better though so that is a praise!

We have had so much fun over the past few days!

Leaving the orphanage for the first time with us!! We had to go get (well attept) his passport.

I feel like a bad mother! There were no seatbelts for him so he rode in my lap. Moms, don't try that at home.

 We were in a hurry that morning and forgot the toys. So we rode two hours there and two hours back coming up with things to do. He is playing with my necklace in this picture.

McDonald's for the first time. He loved the fries but in the end, it did not turn out so well.  

With the Director of the orphanage.  I was told that his orphanage was one of the better ones.  We had no idea until we got there that it would turn out like that.

Luke with one of his group teachers.

With the doctor.

This is where Luke slept. There were more beds but I just took a close-up. It is so hard to think of how many kids go to sleep every night with out a mommy or daddy to tell them goodnight and that they love them. :(  

Close-up of Luke's bed.

Luke sat here when he was getting ready to put on layers and layers to go outside. He was seriously like an onion when he had all of his clothes on. You had to peel and peel them off.

Leaving the orphanage. He is free at last!!

In the car. I know that is pretty obvious but I couldn't think of a better caption.  :)

Luke with our driver.

He loves these sunglasses. He is so cute!!

Waiting in the car with Babuska while momma quickly goes and gets a few groceries. 

He put all of his toys in this bag and decided that he would try to fit in there as well. He tried really hard but he just didn't fit.  

Who knew that a back pack and a bag would entertain him for so long? He rolls that thing around everywhere.

I had to vaccuum the floor and he wanted to help. He is such a good little helper!

He loves this little magnetic dog. Notice the chapstick. The chapstick was the best and cheapest thing he has gotten yet! He is so cute putting it on! I have one too and he always wants me to put it on when he gets his out of his pocket.

Too cute!!

I love him!

So we gave him a bath for the first time the day after we got to Kiev. I wasn't sure how he would react. We were told all of the kids hate baths because they only get one once a week. So mom and I put a lot of toys in the tub and he loved that there were toys in the water. An hour and a half later of playing in the tub, his hands looked like this.  He was so amused by his hands turning into raisins.

He loves his chapstick. Need I say more?

I'm telling you this kiddo is not hard to entertain! He is so cute!!

He gets inside of this armoire and plays. It is his little hide away.

He made a fort with his pillow. He loves these glasses. Every chance he gets they are on his face. :)

He sleeps with this Monkey every night. He talks to it while going to sleep. It is the sweetest thing. I wish I knew what he was saying to it. Most of the time he talks about it going to the bathroom. Boys...I think they are the same no matter what country you go to. :)  

Watching some 40's cartoons in Russian.

He likes to sweep. He will go and get the broom and start sweeping and pick up the smallest pieces of dust and put them in the trash. He was used to doing chores and I think he missed doing them. There are only so many things you can do in an apartment for a few days!

I got in here too and we were playing a version of hide and seek with Babushka.

So, as of today, we hopefully only have four more days here!! I have had a lot of fun in Ukraine and experienced a lot of things but I am so excited to get home to my sweet husband! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and encouragement! They mean so much!


  1. Those pictures were wonderful Sarah! So close to getting home and we can't wait!