Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Prep for the Derby Mini!

So this week has been very crazy with trying to get packets of information out to all of our runners for the Derby Mini Marathon. Wait! I have not told you about our fundraiser! Let me back up and tell you a little about all that is going on!

At the beginning of the year, We (Ken and I) along with some very good friends (Nathan and Sarah) started brainstorming about different fund-raising ideas. Well, I am still not sure who exactly came up with the idea, but it came about so that is all that matters. :) Anyways, we came up with the idea of running the Derby Half-Marathon on April 24th to raise money for the adoption. We figured that if we could 'convince' a few runners to run with us, we could get sponsors to sponsor each runner per mile or maybe a one time gift. Well as we started getting the word out to our friends and Sunday school class, the idea caught on and we received a ton of positive feedback!!

Ken and I are so excited and are so thankful at how the Lord has provided so much support through our church, friends, and family! We now have 18 people running with us gathering up supporters. The Lord is so good!! We thought we might be able to get 5 maybe 10 runners to do the half marathon with us. We are so grateful for those running with us and for their dedication to run the half marathon and to gather up supporters!!

So tonight Ken and I have been working on a packet that will go to each runner to give out to their supporters. For each supporter the packet will contain a letter from Ken and I, a letter from Lifesong, a prayer card and a send in card to let the runner know the commitment. Two pieces of paper and two postcards seem like overkill but we want to keep everyone informed!! Lifesong has allowed us to go through them so that our supporters will be able to write checks tax-deductible. This is a Huge blessing! Lifesong has also said that they will consider us for a matching grant up to $4,000 but will not be able to do so until our home study is completed. We are praying for our home study to be completed quickly and we are trusting the Lord to provide. The Lord has already provided $5,000 towards the adoption. He is so good and we are so thankful!

That is all for tonight!! I will hopefully soon post pictures of events going on in the Lovett household!!


  1. What a neat idea! It is so exciting how the Lord is continuing to bless y'all throughout this adoption process! :)

  2. Hey Sarah! I have enjoyed reading about your process! Keep us updated! I wanted to share a blog I have been reading. The girl is the older sister of a a friend of mine from childhood. The couple is at the (hopefully) end of the adoption process. They are leaving tomorrow for Russia and will hopefully be back in the US with a baby girl! I thought you and Ken might enjoy reading it and seeing how God is so faithful through the ups and downs!

  3. It might help if I included the link :)

  4. Sarah....the blog that Meredith mentioned is the family here in Auburn that I told you about. Alison and Zac Boman. I hope you've looked at their's really neat. They will be going to get their little girl really soon! Love you Sweetie!!!

  5. Hey, Sur-rah! You're blog is precious. I was just reading today about one of my friends from college who met their adopted little boy in a Russian orphanage today. I can't wait until you guys go get your kiddos! Miss you, gal.