Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We Have a Court Date!

Life has been crazy around here preparing for our little guy, school starting back, and trying to get us all in a routine. We have had some great things happen in these past few months!

For starters, we found out in the middle of July that we would be able to Skype with our little man in August and September. We were so excited that we would be able to finally 'meet' him even if it was from the other side of a computer screen. I would get to meet my sweet little boy. I was pumped! Now, I'm not going to say that the excitement wasn't mixed with some nervousness as well. What would we do for the hour or so with a six year old little boy sitting on the other side of a screen in an office? Would we be funny enough to hold his attention or remember to ask him questions that would help keep him interested? Would he even want to sit there and look at us while we talked with him? Who are these weird people he was talking to anyways? I wanted to high-five him, hug him (if he would let me), sit with him, smell his little boy smell,  and just be with him when we first met. With all of that going through my brain I decided that yes it may be slightly awkward getting to know each other through a computer screen, but how awesome is it that we would be able to communicate with our little man? I am so thankful we had the opportunity to 'visit' with him and the technology in order to do so on the other side of the world.

We 'met' for the first time on August 6th and a second time on August 25th. Normally we would Skype once per month but we had to move July's date to the beginning of August. It was the sweetest thing to put a voice and behaviors to the pictures we had been receiving since the beginning of the year.  He is the sweetest little man, and I cannot wait to see him again next week on Skype!

His social worker asked us what his English name would be, and we told her we wanted to name him Andrew. She then wrote it down for him and he proudly picked it up and showed it to us. He is the sweetest. 

We also found out on Friday, September 12th that we have a court date in Taiwan for the beginning of October!!

In a little over two weeks we will be able to finally meet our sweet little man! We are so excited! We will arrive in Taiwan, meet him the very next day, and then Ken and I will go to court the day after that. Hopefully we will be able to visit with him more after the court date, but we will see.

Originally, we were told we would not travel to Taiwan for court but would hear the results of the decree. Then we were told that the judge might want us to Skype for the court hearing. Then we found out the judge wanted us in the courtroom. Taiwan has changed various things recently and some judges are ok with the parents not being there for court while others want the adoptive parents in the courtroom. Honestly, I am excited to be able to be there in the courtroom. We were in the courtroom for Luke so it would feel weird not doing the same for Andrew.

So after the court date we will have to travel home and will wait a few months until we can go back to bring him home. Hopefully in December. I wish we could stay until all of the paperwork in between court and bringing him home is completed, but unfortunately we will have to leave our sweet little man for a short while until we can come back. I'm sure my heart will be so sad when we have to get on that plane but I cannot wait until we all step off the plane for the last time.

Will you pray for our little man as he continues to wait and for the transition that is ahead for him as he leaves all that he knows? Will you also pray for the trip to Taiwan and our court date? We are so excited about all the Lord has in store and we are so thankful for you following along with us on our journey to our little man.

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