Sunday, July 18, 2010

Y'all Come Back Now You Hear?

OK I will try to stay on top of things and start blogging more often!! My life has been a little crazy this summer. I have been able to visit a lot of people and do more things than I have seen or done in a long time! I am so thankful for the business sometimes. I am excited about sharing with you all that has been going on. Still no word in the adoption world but we are still waiting. Our paperwork has been in the Ukraine 1 month and ten days so far but whose counting. ;)

A few weeks ago we went to a going away party for our very good friends Laura, Kevin and their two boys. They were our neighbors up here for two years and we loved (and still love) them dearly. We will definitely miss them but we are excited for them as Kevin starts pastoring in Alabama.

Laura and I 

Luke, Kevin and Ken loving Josie's homemade ice cream!!

The boys loving some ice cream

Suzanna, Josie and Laura

David, Suzanna and sweet Wheeler

 The whole gang

We will miss you Webbs!! Y'all come back to visit!! :)

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