Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adoption Fit Bands are here!!!!

I am SUPER EXCITED to announce that the adoption fit bands are here!!! The AMAZING ladies at Worthyoftheprize.com have made these AWESOME fit bands for Ken and I to help raise money for our adoption!! The Bands make great key chains and are a wonderful gift idea!! They come in two sizes, the half-loop and the regular. You can also choose what color of webbing you want as the background color as well. :) For all you teachers, moms and hard workers out there, lanyards can also be purchased. The best part about this is that 1/2 of every purchase goes to help us raise money for our adoption!! To find out more about the bands and how you can help us raise money to bring our Ukrainian children home, go to Worthyoftheprize.com. To get to the post, click on adoption bands to the left of the blog and scroll down to the post from May 11th. To make things easier, Erin and Mary Jo have come through again and created a Pay Pal button to make your orders easier!! It is located to the right of this blog. You can choose between a fit band, half-loop or a lanyard and the webbing background color!! Below are pictures of the bands.


  1. Hi Stephanie - just saw your comment on our blog. Thanks for your prayers! This is our second adoption from Ukraine. We are very excited to watch as God's plan unfolds in the coming weeks.

    We are not actually using an agency, since it's not required in Ukraine. Instead, we hired the services of a lady in Georgia that assists families adopting from Ukraine. She is much cheaper than using an agency, but does all (and more) that an agency would do. We've been very pleased with her. She assisted us with William's adoption, and we hired again this time around!

    Will be praying for your adoption journey.

    Jenn in Georgia

  2. oh, I am getting one of the pink ones!!!!